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Fishing Tips Number One:
Back off the reel drag after each use, allowing the washers to relax and extend their life!

Fishing Tips Number Two:
Lightly mist your reel with water after each outing to remove any sand or dirt & towel dry.

Fishing Tips Number Three:
Flushing out sand and dirt from the felt soles on your wading boots will prolong their life. The build up of sediment can pack hard into the felt. This can affect comfort and will lead to failure of the glue bond. Maintain by spraying down with a garden hose until clean.

Fishing Tips Number Four:
Steelhead spend the majority of the time in prime holding waters when traveling through their birth river on the way to spawn. Most commonly this water will be at a depth of three to six feet. River bottom make up is also important as these areas will have an adequate amount of gravel and boulders. Gravel is suitable for spawning and the larger boulders will provide current breaks for fish to rest.

Fishing Tips Number Five:
To prevent line slippage with braided lines (commonly mistaken for drag failure) put a piece of tape on the spool arbour prior to filling, giving the braid something to bite into.

Fishing Tips Number Six:

Lubricating the worm shaft with light grease &/or oil on a regular basis will improve casting distance tremendously. Use same brand oil and grease. If grease is dry, apply oil to freshen. Remember to have your reel serviced once a year to clean, inspect and apply fresh lubricant.

Fishing Tips Number Seven:

Keep your reel out of the sand and water. Many people believe that dunking or rinsing your reel by submerging it under water is an effective way to clean it. If you get lots of sand or water in the reel, you should stop using it immediately and go to a backup reel. If not, buying a new reel may be more cost effective than repairing or replacing the parts your about to destroy! Remember that oil/grease (lubrication) and water don't mix. The fine dirt particles will act like sandpaper on the moving parts. Having it serviced promptly will definitely save you money!

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